To see Mar  immersed in her particular creative process is a beautiful suggestive experience. Mar Serinyà  (Torroella de Montgrí, 1986) carefully prepares her space, she does a few stretches, warms her voice and then she takes two of her chalk sticks. What follows is almost a mystical event.
As if she was a medium, the artist, with extensive training as a soprano, works to make visible the birth of the sound and the chant through the body. Chalk is the chosen material to record her movements, a rhythmic and unpredictable dance that soon is frantic and uncontrolled; it can also suddenly become very stealthy. Theref ore it is not unusual for  those who have had the privilege of seing her live get hypnotized by her modus operandi.
The final result is always different and surprising. Every new work invites us to imagine multiple forms inside the tangle (framework) of traces. It is precisely in these apparently nonsensical doodles, where is revealed the axis of  her chant,  and where is condensed the emotion that makes it possible. Then Mar has reached her purpose: to make visible that hidden plot to our eyes.
Watching the beauty and the plastic strength of her work, it's hard not to agree when she says: "The singing voice is one of the most powerful communication tools of mankind."

Alba Casaramona

mar-biopetit Curriculum